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Tub Teas

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OMG - an aromatic bath with these tub teas is the just the thing!!!  There are 3 mixes to choose from.

Westcoast Fresh - beautiful botanicals and earthy fresh essential oils will relax and invigorate you.  This essential oil mix is known to soothe inflammation, soreness, aches and pain.  It will also stimulate and enhance circulation and facilitate the healing of scratches, cuts, wounds, and burns.  It also promotes the regeneration of new skin.

Roses & Sunshine - orange essential oil gives this one the "sunshine" part and it is mixed with rose absolute for a wonderful bath experience. The emotional healing properties of Rose Absolute are perhaps one of its most defining qualities as it helps reduce feelings of stress and tension by calming the nervous system and lifting our spirits.  Orange essential oil is also known for anxiety and stress reduction so it is a perfect pairing with the rose absolute.

Lavender Mint - long known for it's relaxation properties, Lavender essential oil also helps with achy muscles and stress relief.  The peppermint essential oil boosts circulation, releases the feeling of tiredness, and soothes itchy skin.  This one suits our northern conditions perfectly!

2 sachets in each package for two wonderful long, hot baths!

INGREDIENTS Westcoast Fresh: epsom salts, organic steel cut oats, chamomile flowers, jasmine flower buds, rose petals, calendula flower petals, wintergreen, eucalyptus, fir, cedarwood and pine essential oils.

INGREDIENTS Roses & Sunshine: epsom salts, steel cut oats, rose petals, orange essential oil and rose absolute.

INGREDIENTS Lavender Mint: epsom salts, steel cut oats, lavender buds, calendula flower petals, lavender & peppermint essential oils.

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